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Dear Future Husband, I’m Dying To Meet You

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Dear Future Husband,

I won’t to ask where you are or what you’ve been doing, because your answer would be the same as mine. Preparing. Preparing your experiences, your stories, your quirks and flaws, to fall neatly in place with mine to make something beautiful. 

Dear Future Husband,

I see you. Nameless, faceless yet, but I see you everywhere. At a beautiful sight or in funny coincidences, as I pull out my phone and can’t think if someone to share it with, I see you. In moments of grief and tribulation, I hear your voice. I smell you like comfort, and taste you like desire. Isn’t it odd, how familiar I am with your effect on me, while not knowing your name? But it’s okay. You’re hard to find because you’re one in a million and I wouldn’t expect or want any less of a challenge. But I hope you are…

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